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3 Reasons Why Grand View Property Inspections is the Top Choice For Franklin County Ohio Homebuyers


Grand View Property Inspections is a local and family-owned home inspection company. We are a Franklin County Ohio Home Inspector and we serve all surrounding counties as well. Local means better customer service from start to finish because we care deeply about our neighbors and our community. You get a certified professional home inspector that is based right here in central Ohio. We provide you a “Grand View” of your potential property.


We’re an up and coming leader within the central Ohio home inspection industry. It’s our main priority to serve our customers by providing outstanding competency and integrity in our experience with you. Education is the foundation of our organization. We empower homebuyers to purchase with confidence and Realtors trust our unbiased inspections.


We promise to go above and beyond the State Standards of Practice! Our inspections not only cover what the state of Ohio requires but they also provide information and safety concerns as if our family was moving in to the property. We want you to feel confident with your purchase and to allow your new home to be a place of safety and security. Let us be your Delaware County Home Inspector.


You can expect a thorough, well-executed home inspection, followed by a thorough and exceptional home inspection report that is stocked with purposeful images and useful information which will allow you to make the most informed decision on your potential new home. Not only are we professionally trained we also have a background in hospitality. You are our main focus… The home will tell us it’s story and it is our job to tell that story to you. Our experience is just the beginning, learn more about us here.

If you’re a Realtor, and we have yet to work together, let’s schedule a meeting. It only takes one meeting or one inspection with us to realize why we belong on your top 3 referral list.

Proper Grading Around A Home

Proper Grade Around Your Home

Spring is among us and landscaping is now on many home owners minds. Also what should be thought about is what is proper grading around a home? This is an important issue because if land grading is not done properly, runoff can be directed toward your foundation. This unwanted water can eventually compromise the foundations integrity.

If you own a home, you may eventually find yourself having to do some land grading near your house’s foundation to correct drainage issues. Poor drainage resulting in leaky basements or foundation issues often stems from having an insufficient slope away from the foundation. To do land grading properly, you must first know how much slope you need to have away from the house foundation.

Most basement waterproofing experts and home inspectors recommend that a good slope to aim for when grading land extending out from a house foundation is 6 inches for the first 10 feet (a “slope” of 5 percent).

  • String or Rope – at least 12 feet long.
  • 2 stakes (labeled A and B), and something to pound them into the ground with
  • A string level (that is, a type of level designed to fit on a piece of string)
  • A tape measure

Do You Already Have the Correct Proper Grade Around Your Home?

Using the above supplies, take the following steps to determine if sufficient slope currently exists:

  1. Tie one end of the string loosely around stake A.
  2. Pound stake A into the ground right near your foundation
  3. Slide the string down stake A, so that it rests at ground level
  4. Tie the other end of the string loosely around stake B.
  5. Now measure out 10 feet down the slope from stake A, and pound stake B into the ground there (if there is excess string, wrap it around stake B). The string between the stakes should be fairly taut, but still adjustable.
  6. Slide the string up or down stake B, to make it roughly level.
  7. Put the string level on the string, at about the mid-point between the stakes.
  8. Now adjust the string up or down on stake B, to make it exactly level.
  9. Measure the distance from the string on stake B to the ground. Is the measurement of 6 inches or more?

Do You Need to Re-Grade the Land?

The slope measurement you just took will determine whether or not you need to re-grade this land:

  • If the measurement is 6 inches or more, you have a perfect slope—no need for land grading here.
  • If not, you will need to re-grade the land by adding fill near the foundation and tamping it down; after which you can check the new slope by repeating the steps above.

You can always hire a landscape professional to assist you with proper grading around a home if you don’t want to do this yourself.

When purchasing a new home hire Grand View Property Inspections to do your Home Inspection and you can be sure that the grading around your new home will be checked for you, among the plethora of other items that are included in your home inspection. Grand View Property Inspections serves the central Ohio area and beyond. Schedule your inspection today or call 614-769-5605.